You should have already started preparing for Black Friday!

Black Friday - are you ready?

On November 24th the modern phenomenon that is Black Friday will be taking place once again! Having out-performed the very British tradition of Boxing Day over the last few years, consumers will be scouring for deals and retailers will be looking to cash in on the demand. Viral videos across social media have shown Black Friday to be like the real-world equivalent of The Purge films. Mass brawls over TV’s, t-shirts and tablets have frequently occurred when the sales come about, but the real battle is now done on the digital battlefield. For all ecommerce businesses, the Black Friday sales …

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NPR news accidentally wins social media with a huge mistake

npr news accidentally wins social media with a huge mistake

Winning social media in the most accidental way possible: Yes; the title of this post is a lot to take in, however, all will be revealed! NPR news is, you guessed, a huge news outlet based out in America. Before we go into what happened, it’s important to have a little context. If you’ve seen any news recently, it’s all been negative; with the recent attack in Las Vegas making the headlines. Times like these require solidarity and positivity. For some strange reason, the following (accidental) status update from NPR news provided just that, which had people singing their praises: …

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How Often Should I Update My Website?

An old Yahoo homepage with the text How Often Should I Update My Website

This is a question we get asked a lot by clients – how often should I update my website?   Well, believe it or not, it’s quite a vague question – you have to answer this question first…   Are you talking about your website content, or your website layout?   Because then, you’ve got two very different answers!   Updating Your Website Content   How often should I update: The answer is as often as you need to!   Even vaguer – sorry!   Basically, if you think you’ve got some content that needs an update, or you want …

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Is Keyword Research Important?

Wally from Where's Wally asking if Keyword Research is important

I’m going to provide two answers for this:   The short answer – Keyword Research is very important.   …   The long answer – Keyword Research is very important for the following reasons. Let me explain why!   The SEO Benefits of Keyword Research   When you’re looking to improve your SEO ranking or give yourself an SEO ranking if you’re launching a new website, keyword research will help you find exactly what you should be targeting.   Say, for example, you’re an Accountant and want to increase your ranking. You need to identify what keywords are driving traffic …

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Twitter 280 character tweets – what you need to know

Twitter 280 Character Tweets

Users aren’t happy about the new Twitter 280 character tweets… In a nutshell, the twittersphere is mostly opposed to the idea. Twitter has already begun trialling 280-character tweets with many famous personalities and celebrities across the platform, most of which aren’t fond of the idea themselves. Jack Dorsey (CEO of Twitter) gave this official statement:   This is a small change, but a big move for us. 140 was an arbitrary choice based on the 160 character SMS limit. Proud of how thoughtful the team has been in solving a real problem people have when trying to tweet. And at …

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The Pros and Cons of Using Facebook Live

The Pros and Cons of Facebook Live

Here at Wow Zone, we love a bit of Facebook Live!   In my time here we’ve done so many amazing things with Facebook Live, including taking part in the Cream Crack Challenge, and also a #DigitalRant – both these videos make it look like I only wear one outfit combo to work!   But why do we use Facebook Live? What benefits does it bring to us and our audience? Most importantly, what benefits can Facebook Live bring to you?   It’s FREE!   Yes, you heard it here folks, Facebook Live doesn’t cost a penny!   You may …

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How to Deal with Trolls – The Human Equivalent of the Poop Emoji!

I hate it when you pour your heart and soul into something, only for someone to come along and squish it – the trolls!   I like to think of them as the human equivalent of the poop emoji – not that pleasant to look at, but really not a big deal!   I recently spoke with a client who received negative comments on her social posts, and she asked for my advice – the inspiration for this blog!   So how do you deal with them, those tiny little do-doos – let me help!   Ignore The Trolls   …

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Have Apple lost consumer trust?

Have Apple Lost Consumer Trust?

Trust in Apple may be at an all time low… iOS 11 has people worldwide frustrated and angered as most of us are falling victim to application delays, random phone restarts and much more. Before people start criticising me, know that I am writing this to you as the owner of an iPhone 6S, iPhone 4S and an iPod Touch. The long-awaited update may work seamlessly on the recently announced iPhone 8, but I can tell you now iOS 11 has been nothing but problems for me and a plethora of others. Previous updates have been relatively heavy; however, none …

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How to Create a Memorable Marketing Message

a stick man gasping at the sight of a memorable marketing message

It’s the dream isn’t it, being able to spawn a couple of lines for a memorable marketing message, shove it all over your marketing material and have it draw in tonnes of business for you…   I’m sorry to say that is very much a dream. Marketers like me dream of our marketing terms going Viral, but it usually is the rarest cases that it happens.   However, there are things you can do to help improve that, and one of those ways is by making your marketing message memorable!   We’re currently attempting this with a client of ours …

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How Do You Deal with a Heavy Workload?

Brown paper stacked up high with the wow zone logo

As I learnt yesterday, there’s a lot of you out there working alone, and that can lead to one major issue – a heavy workload! You’ll be working alone and sometimes you end up taking on too much work simply because you have to. It’s human, so don’t worry! I’ve got a few tips for you just in case that workload gets too much!   Sit back and relax I always forget that this is an option, which is why it’s going first! If you’re starting to feel like the world is mounting up on your desk, just take a …

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