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How to Create the Perfect Elevator Pitch!

You, your colleague, your cleaner, anyone working within your business should have an elevator pitch! What is an elevator pitch? I’ll give you a great example! Picture it… …You step into the lift of a building complex, and strike up a conversation with the person standing next to you. He introduces himself, and your ears chime – he’s the CEO of that company you want to work with! He asks what you do, this is your chance! You tell him your name, your business and what you do at the drop of a hat – all in 30 seconds! He …

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Is Keyword Research Important?

Wally from Where's Wally asking if Keyword Research is important

I’m going to provide two answers for this:   The short answer – Keyword Research is very important.   …   The long answer – Keyword Research is very important for the following reasons. Let me explain why!   The SEO Benefits of Keyword Research   When you’re looking to improve your SEO ranking or give yourself an SEO ranking if you’re launching a new website, keyword research will help you find exactly what you should be targeting.   Say, for example, you’re an Accountant and want to increase your ranking. You need to identify what keywords are driving traffic …

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The Pros and Cons of Using Facebook Live

The Pros and Cons of Facebook Live

Here at Wow Zone, we love a bit of Facebook Live!   In my time here we’ve done so many amazing things with Facebook Live, including taking part in the Cream Crack Challenge, and also a #DigitalRant – both these videos make it look like I only wear one outfit combo to work!   But why do we use Facebook Live? What benefits does it bring to us and our audience? Most importantly, what benefits can Facebook Live bring to you?   It’s FREE!   Yes, you heard it here folks, Facebook Live doesn’t cost a penny!   You may …

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How to Deal with Trolls – The Human Equivalent of the Poop Emoji!

I hate it when you pour your heart and soul into something, only for someone to come along and squish it – the trolls!   I like to think of them as the human equivalent of the poop emoji – not that pleasant to look at, but really not a big deal!   I recently spoke with a client who received negative comments on her social posts, and she asked for my advice – the inspiration for this blog!   So how do you deal with them, those tiny little do-doos – let me help!   Ignore The Trolls   …

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How to Create a Memorable Marketing Message

a stick man gasping at the sight of a memorable marketing message

It’s the dream isn’t it, being able to spawn a couple of lines for a memorable marketing message, shove it all over your marketing material and have it draw in tonnes of business for you…   I’m sorry to say that is very much a dream. Marketers like me dream of our marketing terms going Viral, but it usually is the rarest cases that it happens.   However, there are things you can do to help improve that, and one of those ways is by making your marketing message memorable!   We’re currently attempting this with a client of ours …

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How Do You Deal with a Heavy Workload?

Brown paper stacked up high with the wow zone logo

As I learnt yesterday, there’s a lot of you out there working alone, and that can lead to one major issue – a heavy workload! You’ll be working alone and sometimes you end up taking on too much work simply because you have to. It’s human, so don’t worry! I’ve got a few tips for you just in case that workload gets too much!   Sit back and relax I always forget that this is an option, which is why it’s going first! If you’re starting to feel like the world is mounting up on your desk, just take a …

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How Do You Work Alone?

So this week I’ve been abandoned by my Brother-in-Arms Amo while he swans off to Budapest and Vienna, and it got me thinking about all those individuals who work independently all the time. How do you manage it, I can barely last a week – and it’s only day 2! So I started thinking, how to do you best manage your time when you’re working alone? Here are some of my top tips! Write Out Your Tasks If you know what you’re doing for the week, then you’re more focused on your work! I’ve found that because I’ve listed my …

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What’s The Best Facebook Campaign for Your Marketing Objectives?

A megaphone shouting about Facebook campaigns with the Wow Zone logo

Facebook Ads are the best way to achieve your marketing objectives – Fact. As far as Organic Social posts and reach can get you, Paid can get you further – and that’s been proven in many of my campaigns. I received much more likes per month when I’ve launched a Paid campaign compared to the months with Organic likes only. But when you start up your Facebook campaign, you’re greeted with 6 options of campaign actions – which do you choose? Let me help! PAGE POST ENGAGEMENT What It Does: Page Post Engagement Facebook campaigns are designed to offer a post …

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When Will The UK Produce a Globally Recognised Tech Entrepreneur ?

I was recently asked to host an Asian Business Chamber of Commerce Patrons Dinner, where Andy Street, Metro Mayor of the West Midlands was our guest speaker. We put these exclusive dinners on twice a year to thank the organisations and people that give us their unwavering support. Its an intimate affair, where you get to mingle and rub shoulders, with some of the great and good of Birmingham. It was coming up to Andy’s 100 days in office, so I guess like most people in office, it was important for him to articulate what has gone on and what …

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How to Boost Facebook Reach without Spending Any Money

Increasing Your Facebook Reach For Free

We all want to hold onto our precious dough, and we all want to get the most out of our Facebook reach without spending ridiculous amounts of money *breaks the door down and stands triumphantly*… *Realises she broke a door and tries to put it back in place* I can help! I’m about to share my tips with you about increasing your Facebook reach with spending any money! How to Boost Your Facebook Reach without Spending Any Money! CHECK OUT YOUR TOP HITS The easiest way to see what will work is seeing what has worked previously! Are there any …

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