The Pros and Cons of Using Facebook Live

The Pros and Cons of Facebook Live

Here at Wow Zone, we love a bit of Facebook Live!   In my time here we’ve done so many amazing things with Facebook Live, including taking part in the Cream Crack Challenge, and also a #DigitalRant – both these videos make it look like I only wear one outfit combo to work!   But why do we use Facebook Live? What benefits does it bring to us and our audience? Most importantly, what benefits can Facebook Live bring to you?   It’s FREE!   Yes, you heard it here folks, Facebook Live doesn’t cost a penny!   You may …

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What’s The Best Facebook Campaign for Your Marketing Objectives?

A megaphone shouting about Facebook campaigns with the Wow Zone logo

Facebook Ads are the best way to achieve your marketing objectives – Fact. As far as Organic Social posts and reach can get you, Paid can get you further – and that’s been proven in many of my campaigns. I received much more likes per month when I’ve launched a Paid campaign compared to the months with Organic likes only. But when you start up your Facebook campaign, you’re greeted with 6 options of campaign actions – which do you choose? Let me help! PAGE POST ENGAGEMENT What It Does: Page Post Engagement Facebook campaigns are designed to offer a post …

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How to Boost Facebook Reach without Spending Any Money

Increasing Your Facebook Reach For Free

We all want to hold onto our precious dough, and we all want to get the most out of our Facebook reach without spending ridiculous amounts of money *breaks the door down and stands triumphantly*… *Realises she broke a door and tries to put it back in place* I can help! I’m about to share my tips with you about increasing your Facebook reach with spending any money! How to Boost Your Facebook Reach without Spending Any Money! CHECK OUT YOUR TOP HITS The easiest way to see what will work is seeing what has worked previously! Are there any …

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How To Decide The Right Social Media Platform For Your Business

So if you’re reading this, you’re interested in getting your Business on Social Media, which is good. It also means your Business should be! It also means your Business isn’t on Social Media right now, and it should be! However, it can be really hard to choose which profiles to put your business onto. Do you stick faithfully to one social media platform, or do you branch out into all of them? I can offer you 4 tips to help you choose the best profile for you. They are: ASK YOURSELF AN IMPORTANT QUESTION You need to look at each …

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How to Bring Your Social Media Profiles Together

  While chatting to some budding Business men and women in Bamboo Zone, a couple of interesting questions were raised that I felt needed some due attention: How do you bring your Social Media profiles together? What social profiles are best for your business? Now these are both huge topics in themselves, and so I’ll focus on the first point this week, and go into more detail about the second in the next blog – for the sake of fairness! So what does it mean to bring all of your Social Media profiles together? It could mean several things, like …

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STOP connecting your Twitter to your Facebook account!

Stop connecting your Twitter to your Facebook account

Don’t fall into the trap, connecting your Twitter to your Facebook account is SPAMMY. It’s far too easy to automatically connect your Twitter account to your Facebook profile, however, it is NOT a good idea to do this. So if you’re reading this thinking “holy crap I’m one of those people”, hopefully this blog will make you take action to disconnect. The thing is Twitter and Facebook are completely different social platforms with different ways to engage. They both warrant a different social etiquette. So why do people do it? Initially it may seem like a good idea to let …

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Facebook stories update coming soon and MORE!

Facebook Stories Update

The team down at Snapchat must be fuming…or perhaps they’re flattered? However they’re feeling, it doesn’t change the fact that Facebook are blatantly copying their “stories” feature! This wouldn’t be the first-time Snapchat was copied. Not too long ago Instagram rolled out the same thing. Instagram Stories have even proven to be quite successful; with the stats showing 150 million daily users. Facebook stories update: Ireland is the first country lucky enough to be targeted for this new feature’s testing. The main concept behind the idea is an image or 10 second video which disappears exactly 24 hours after being posted. …

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6 steps to follow when running a successful Live Video Campaign!

Running a successful live video campaign

Running a successful live video campaign isn’t easy… Unless you’re GaryVee, Tai Lopez, or another huge public figure, you can’t always live stream from a business page whenever you “feel like it” and expect tonnes of viewers. On the contrary, there are times when a spontaneous live broadcast is crucial. Most of you are going to need to plan in advance, so, as mentioned in the title, this blog will give you a complete breakdown on running a successful live video campaign! Let’s begin with a few of our own examples Example 1 – #DigitalRant Back in October 2016, we …

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Facebook fires shots at YouTube with new Facebook video hub

Facebook Video Hub

Not too long ago Facebook announced that it was racking up to 8 billion video views EVERY DAY! As impressive as that is, it is worthwhile noting YouTube, reported 4 billion daily views back in 2012, a number which has likely risen by more than double since! IMPORTANT READ: I wrote an article about Facebook Video Insights the other day and you NEED to read it! YouTube is currently king of video… …but Facebook isn’t centuries behind them either and is aiming to change ALL OF THIS with its new dedicated video hub. As you can see at the bottom …

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Measuring the success of Facebook videos

Measuring the success of Facebook Videos

Measuring the success of Facebook videos – the right way! You got 1000 views on your Facebook video, congratulations. That means 1000 people watched your video from start to finish, right? It means 1000 people watched your video for 3 seconds or more. That’s right, Facebook classifies one view as minimum 3 seconds of view time. Putting that into perspective, some people may not even watch past your intro sequence… This is why it’s vitally important that you’re measuring the success of Facebook Videos the right way, based on stats like unique video views, average duration of a view, audience …

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